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Guilt of bizarre stalker

SALLY GLAETZER The Mercury:  January 14, 2010


Mercury: 12 September 1940


There aren’t many Triffitts in fiction – in fact, none. So I guess we should be grateful to the esteemed J.S. Fletcher who, in 1921, bravely went where no man had been before.

Well, I bet that’s whetted your appetite for more. Just click anywhere above for the whole extravaganza. Alas, a sudden attack of wisdom has prevented me from reading more.


‘Library’ and ‘Triffitt’ are words not normally used in the same sentence. All the more reason to celebrate Marjorie.

Not many people know about protozoa.  Well, Marjorie J. Triffitt did and with her co-authors published six books about it . Better still, she did it in Paris, between 1927 and ’33. I wonder what life she had at the time. Absynthe? Cocaine? Sex in the afternoon? I know, a fascination for protozoa probably doesn’t make for a party-gal – but still waters run deep. Let’s salute the stillest of them all for her secret suite of proto-porn. She’s a proper, invisible hero.




Trail bikers find suspected Tasmanian Tiger skull

Two trail bike riders claim to have discovered what could be the skull of a Tasmanian Tiger while filming during a ride through bushland. The skull is being scientifically evaluated this morning. Brothers Levi and Jarom Triffitt are members of the Tassie Boys, a group of stunt trail bike riders based in central northern Tasmania. They say they were riding in bushland last week while filming stunts for a promotional video when they came across the skull. They say it is unlike anything they have ever seen before, and closely resembles the skull of a thylacine.

Watch this rather curious video showing the remarkable discovery:

“Lot’s of people think ‘dog’, but when you actually get on Google and compare it to your normal dogs that are in Tasmania, the closest thing we could find it to was an American timber wolf, which I don’t believe we have here,” Jarom said.

Levi denies the find is a hoax.

“We were just having a regular day – just doing some photography and filming,” he said. The brothers plan to have the skull checked in Launceston this morning.


Tassie Tiger skull was a dog

Two Tasmanian trail bike riders were barking up the wrong tree when they claimed a skull they found by a creek could have belonged to a Tasmanian Tiger, scientists say. Brothers Levi and Jarom Triffitt said they found the skull by the side of a creek while riding in bushland around the Great Western Tiers in northern Tasmania on Friday. But scientists who examined it at Launceston’s Queen Victoria Museum this morning wasted little time in identifying it as belonging to a dog.

The brothers are members of a trail bike stunt group that uses the Tasmanian Tiger as its logo. They say they are not totally convinced, and are vowing to do their own research. There have been no verified sightings of the real Tasmanian Tiger since 1936, when the last specimen died in the Hobart zoo.


Stupid is as stupid does.


The Triffits were a band from the East of Amsterdam in the mid-sixties. They only released one single in 1966. This wondrous ditty is called ‘Stay’ – alas, not something The Triffits ever did.




MERCURY Jan 1942





THE MERCURY 10/6/1847


Tasmania finalise new-look squad

Tasmania’s squad has had a significant overhaul ahead of next season as they aim to defend the Sheffield Shield title with a new-look group. Nine players are gone from last year’s contract list.

The gloveman Tom Triffitt has been upgraded from a rookie deal to a full contract, effectively making him the backup to Tim Paine, while Nick Kruger and Matthew Day have also been named in the squad. Sandy Rogers, from New South Wales, has been given a rookie deal, as have the Tasmanian duo of Sam Rainbird and Marc Simonds.

“I am really comfortable with our new signings and the list that we have put together for 2011-12,” the coach Tim Coyle said. “We have obviously cut some players from the squad, lost some to retirement at the end of 2010-11 and have also recruited from interstate, but we are also backing our outstanding local talent to keep the Tasmanian Tigers at the top of Australian domestic cricket.

“We have some experienced players on the list who will play big roles for us, but we must not forget that we have an exciting bunch of young cricketers as well, and we are committed to seeing these young players get opportunities to play at the highest level throughout the upcoming season. I feel that we have got our list right with a mix that will set us up for years to come, and with five Tasmanians with Cricket Australia contracts I think the current strength of Tasmanian cricket is evident.”





Two  Grimsby fans who invaded the pitch during a game at Lincoln City have been banned from football matches for three years. Daniel Triffitt and Robert Fenwick almost sparked a riot when they ran on to the pitch during the most recent Lincoln-Grimsby clash in August. Yesterday Lincoln magistrates gave the pair a three year order banning them from all football matches in England and Wales and ordering them to hand in their passports whenever England play abroad.

The court heard that as they ran past the home section of the Co-op stand at Sincil Bank about 20 Lincoln fans surged forward and had to be restrained by the police. Club stewards tackled the pair and they were escorted from the ground and arrested. Lincolnshire Police football intelligence officer PC Andy Pearson’s opinion was that trouble could easily have flared as a result of the pitch invasion,  magistrates were told.

“The actions of these two males could have quite easily caused a serious public order situation as the Lincoln males had to be physically restrained,” PC Pearson said in a statement read to the court. Triffitt, a communications technician in the Royal Navy, and Fenwick, a factory worker, both 19 and from Grimsby, each admitted a charge of going on to a playing area at a football match. Fenwick was fined £60 and ordered to pay £60 costs and a £15 victim surcharge. Triffitt was fined £75 with £65 costs and a surcharge of £15.


But moments after leaving Lincoln Magistrates’ Court, they began a drinking session which resulted in them missing their train home and being arrested at 4am the following day for criminal damage. Nick Todd, prosecuting, said the pair were arrested after they were seen on CCTV destroying a Lincoln In Bloom floral display owned by the city council in Lincoln High Street.

“After they appeared in this court on September 18 they went out for a few drinks and missed their train back to Grimsby,” he said, “they were seen at 4am damaging and destroying a planter. The police arrived and after a short chase they were arrested. “The cost of replacing the planter and plants was £403.02.”

Fenwick, of The Cresta, Grimsby, and Triffitt, of Sanctuary Way, Grimsby, admitted criminal damage on September 19.

Roisin McCaffrey, representing the pair, said: “It was a case of both of them having far too much to drink and acting in a stupid and silly way.”

Triffitt, a communications technician in the Royal Navy, is due to return to his ship in Scotland for sea testing after a refit in December before a tour of the Gulf, the court heard.

Both men admitted criminal damage on September 19 and each received 12-month conditional discharges. n addition, they were both ordered to pay £201.50 compensation and £60 court costs. They were advised by the Bench not to go to the pub and celebrate. 2008



Friday 19 September 1913

ROSEMARY TRIFFITT who endured forced incarceration with six bell-ringers and only a solitary ham sandwich for sustenance – somehow gaining international press exposure and eternal fame in the process.

All details here:

and over 17 million sites on the internet.


The Mercury: 1943


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