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Hughe Trewhett M Jennet 15 Jan 1542 —Saint Nicholas, Durham,

make of that what you may. There’s nothing else. A few random Tyrwyhit’s in Surrey. Nuttin’.Durham is sixty-seven miles from York. Seems too far for me.

We’re right on the edges of the known world here. Cromwell did something in 1538.

THEY HAVE AT LEAST 5 KIDS But somewhere else.

Johanna Truewhete Marriage Johannes Prestecosyn 14 Jul 1566 Marriage Place: Stainton In Cleveland, York, England [BEDALE]



The TREWHET family [fully formed] came to Alne no later than 1570.

Why Alne? Dunno.

Mr. and Mrs. Trewhet are yet to be positively identified. They seem to the only TREWHET’s in Yorkshire. So far, search engines bring up nothing else before 1550. There is no history. They arrive.

They certainly tried their hardest to be noticed, breeding with enthusiasm as fast as they could. Between 1550 and 1565 they churned out children; one every eighteen months for years. Their Alne family should have been bigger – I suspect they lost a few babies on the way. Still, what remained by the time they hit town was quite enough to populate the district with their offspring. Between 1572 and 1585 the kids all married, giving us a paper trail that leads part-way into their difficult, confusing tribe.


Thomas Trewhet married Johana Watson 22 Nov 1572 Alne

Jacobus Easterbie married Joana Trewhet 25 Oct 1579 Alne

Guilielmus Trewhet married Elizabeth Scriviner 22 Nov 1579 Alne

Richardus Serian married Margreta Trewhet 06 Apr 1580 Alne

Robertus Yaro married Anna Trewhet 29 Jan 1586 in Bedale

Oddly, none of their spouses appear to be local.

We can infer from the marriage dates that Thomas was the eldest son and Robert the youngest by some fifteen years; that Joana, Guilielmus and Margreta came in a rush in-between; Thomas was likely born around 1550 and may well have shared a name with his father – slim pickins.

So, we have five breeding families – but only two we can track with the NAME; Thomas and Giulielmus. . In some parishes the names William and Giulielmus are interchangeable – as, I assume, right here. Later they aren’t.


There is a whole other Trewett world happening up north in EAST ROUNTON & BEDALE, beginning about this time. A Georgi up north – A Julius up North.

I’m going to leave them till I get stuck. The tyranny of distance.




Thomas Trewhet married Johana Watson 22 Nov 1572 Alne

The only Johanna I can find is Johanna Watson b 12 May 1559 Willmj Watson KIRK ELLA which would make her 13 at marriage. Mmmm. Maybe not. KIRK ELLA is 6 miles from HULL – 46 miles from KIPPAX – which is a long, long way in 1570. Nah.

I can find only one child: Franscus Trewhet b 05 Sep 1574 ALNE Thomae Trewhet. This doesn’t mean they weren’t breeding but there’s an odd gap in the birth records between 1775 and 1790. Working back from weddings and duplicate names, we can assume that JOHN TREWIT, WILLIAM TREWHITE  and a possible THOMAS are born in this period. Their breeding life would have been from 1573 – 1590 ish.

They may, of course, have simply moved away. Quite why they were in Alne in the first place eludes me.



He marries in 1579: again, there’s a missing decade of children here. We can back-fill with weddings, as you’ll see – with the caveat that any of these could be Thomas’ kids. It would explain the two John’s and the two Williams


John Trewitt

Gulielmus Trewhite


William Trewett


Janeta Trewhet 14 Feb 1590 ALNE Williami Trewhet

Crofors Trewhet 21 Sep 1596 ALNE Williami Trewhet

Roberte Truhet b 25 Jan 1601 Willm. Truhet EASINGWOLD

Roberte Truhet 25 Jan 1601 Willm. Truhet EASINGWOLD,

Agnes Trewhet 08 May 1603 Willm. Trewhet EASINGWOLD,

Elizabethe Trewhet 08 Oct 1605 Wllm. Trewhet EASINGWOLD


Mergerie Trewhet b 26 Jun 1610 Thomas Trewhet EASINGWOLD



As you’ll soon see, at the three generation the tribe has expanded dramatically. Confusion lies ahead. I’ll give you what I have.


John Trewitt married Jane Thimble 15 Sep 1610 St. Savior’s, York



William Trewhite marriage: Janeta Barker 14 Sep 1614 —Alne,

Jana Barker b 02 May 1594 Richardi Barker ALNE


JAMES TREWHET marriage: Dorthie Frear 20 Sep 1614 Kilburn

Dorythe Fryre b 21 Aug 1575 William Fryre MEXBROUGH

MEXBROUGH is 28 miles from KIPPAX

no sign of them in Kilburn after this


Gulielmus Trewhite marriage: Barbery Robinsonn 06 Jun 1615 —Alne

Barbarea Robinson b 25 Mar 1575 Johanis Robinson ALNE

Gulielmus Trewhit b 06 Apr 1616 Gulielmus Trewhit ALNE, C07378-3

no more kids in Alne


John Trewhett marriage: 03 Sep 1615 Easingwold, Ann Raper

Anna Raper b 03 Aug 1596 Bedale, York, England Georgii Raper

Margrett Trewhett 01 Jun 1617 John Trewhett EASINGWOLD,

Same man, I’d guess. Mum died in childbirth…

John Trewhet marriage: 18 Aug 1616 Easingwold, Margret Foster

too many Margret Fosters around to locate her.

again, no more kids in Alne. Moves away?




ALNE to KIPPAX is 30 miles.

see next chapter


William Trewett marriage: 27 Apr 1624 —Easingwold, York, England Jane Story

is this the same William or a new one?

James Trewhit 13 Mar 1625 Willm. Trewhit EASINGWOLD

Willm. Trewhet 30 Nov 1626 Willm. Trewhet EASINGWOLD,

Elizabeth Trewhett 12 Oct 1628 Willm. Trewhett EASINGWOLD

Adalyne Trewett b 23 Sep 1632 Wm. Trewett EASINGWOLD, P00753-1

Alice Trewhett 13 Apr 1634Wm. Trewhett EASINGWOLD


Gulihelmus Triffitt marriage: Helena Newitt 06 Oct 1631 —Darrington, York, England

DARRINGTON is 37 miles from ALNE

Hellena Triffitt b 17 Mar 1634 Gulihelmi Triffitt DARRINGTON,YORK

is this the same Gulielmi?

Barbaria Trewhit b 10 Jan 1646 Gulielmi Trewhit ALNE,YORK,ENGLAND

Gulielmus Trewhit b 20 May 1648 Gulielmi Trewhit ALNE, YORK, ENGLAND

Elizabetha Trewhit b 26 May 1650 Gulielmi Trewhit ALNE,YORK,ENGLAND



John Trewitt married Jane Thimble 15 Sep 1610 St. Savior’s, York

JOHANNES TREWITT was a tailor, a freeman of York. Indeed, in 1642 Johannes was one of THE Freemen of York, a very big deal at the time. Still is.

In York a man had to be a freeman before he could trade or become a master craftsman and join one of the many guilds. Freemen are anxious that those eligible by birth, and those indentured to and who have served apprenticeships with Freemen should take up their Freedom without delay otherwise their rights may be lost. Those who can claim the privilege are proud to do so. One of two surviving alternative conditions must be fulfilled. The first, known as servitude, requires, in York, an indentured apprenticeship of not less than five years to a master craftsman who is himself a Freeman of the City. Patrimony, the second condition, is a claim by birth-right of all children of a Freeman.

My nose tells me he was a successful man – a man who knew his place. Provided you didn’t stand between him and his cash box everything was probably fine. He measured and sewed for the top end of town, padded politely into posh York salons to pander to the gentry. The gentry weren’t very gentrified at the time – but they were rich. Those Trewett pennies piled up and turned into Trewett pounds. When he had enough pounds, he set to stocking up on Trewett children, firmly believing that they were an asset, more than a joy.

Trewett the tailor was an instution. Whether this first Trewitt was the Godfather, I don’t know but, whatever his role, these was a Trewett the Tailor in York for two hundred years. If they didn’t sew it, they made it. His sons are listed as linen weavers.

Johannes had a son called William. He signed him up as a Freeman the day he was born. When his son had a son, he signed him up straight away – which is why, on the List of Freemen in 1672, we read this: William Trewitt, linenweaver, fil. William Trewitt, idem. ‘idem’ means ‘the same’.

Maybe none of this relates to ANT – but I think it does based on nothing much at all. We can’t find his birth yet. These are the closest Trewitts around. If this is ANT’s family he conspicuously failed to find his Freedom – in York, anyway. He went looking for it in Bramham.



Alen (xi cent.). Alne comprises the townships of Alne, Tholthorpe,Aldwark, Flawith, Youlton and Tollerton. The whole parish covers an area of about 9,992 acres.It lies in the plain of York at a height varying between50 ft. and 75 ft. above the ordnance datum, while muchof the land about the River Kyle in the south of theparish is liable to floods. There is a large tract of alluvium, but sand and loam are found in the west ofthe parish. About 4,890 acres are under cultivationas arable land and 3,950 acres are laid down to permanent grass. Wheat, oats, barley and beans are grown, while 188 acres are covered with woods and plantations.

The chief road is that running north-west from York to Brafferton. On this road the villages of Tollerton and Flawith are built, while the village of Alne itself lies off the road and towards the north.At the starting-point of the connecting lane stands an old cross known as the Plague Stone; according to tradition, when the plague was raging in Yorkshire in 1604 the inhabitants deposited their goods and purchase money on this stone. The lane crosses the Kyle by Alne Bridge and runsalong the west side of Alne Park past an ancient well. The Kyle flows through Alne Park and is joinedthere by Whitecarr Ings Beck not far from the supposed site of a Roman road which crosses Alne Park.

Alne Hall,  was in the MiddleAges the country house of the treasurers of St. Peter’s,York.  The village of Alne lies to the north of the hall and may be reached by either of two forking lanes.It consists of a number of cottages of no great age standing back from the road and with gardens in front.The church of St. Mary lies down the more westernof these branches, but most of the houses are builtalong a road running east and west. Snowfield Farm,in the fields north of the village, was formerly includedin the treasurer’s manor, and was granted with a dovecote and fields called Longlanding Acre, Willingstoneing, Rothinge and Christenberking to variousfreeholders in 1611–12. The township of Alne covers 2,268 acres.

From: ‘Parishes: Alne’, A History of the County of York North Riding: Volume 2 (1923), pp. 85-91. URL:  Date accessed: 31 August 2011.


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