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JANUARY 2012: I’m working on this again now. I’ve removed some inaccuracies.

Enthusiastic explorers might care to recall these words of wisdom:

The name is first recorded in 1229 where a Mr. TREWHITT appears in Rothbury. In 1255 that name is TYREWYT; in 1296 TYRWYT; by 1327 it’s TIRWYTH, by 1346 TIRWHITE, by 1356 TIRWITH, by 1428 it’s become TIRWHIT, by 1542 TYRWHITTE and seems to settle as TREWHYTT.

REMEMBER – pronounce the ‘W’ as ‘V’…


SEPTEMBER 2011: I never thought we’d get back to the sixteenth century.

I’m afraid I’ve arrived unexpectedly and unprepared – my grasp of contemporary British history is pretty much non-existent; my understanding of the life and times of our Yorkshire ancestors tenuous at best – so let me add this pre-ANT data with that caveat. Before 1540 records are suspect, to say the least. As one esteemed genealogist said; ‘nothing but moonshine…’. There are times when a leap of faith is all we have… but when you consider that, for a century, no historian has managed to get further back than 1750 I think we’ve done pretty well.

Unless we add the life and times, unless we see the facts holistically, all this just becomes lists of marriages, deaths and babies. I’m afraid this sudden shift to the sixteenth century has left me in exactly that situation – that’s why this chapter isn’t part of the main body of the text. Anybody can find babies – without a context it’s just a name. It’ll improve – but not for a while. Things need to settle.

Remember, this part of the document is being written backwards – I have to keep adding chapters at the top to keep up with the latest discoveries. So much for structure and finesse – the crappiest, most incomplete, speculative bits are at the beginning… ah, but the thrill of the chase.

Here are dates and people and places. Make of them what you will. I just don’t have enough information to get us much further – yet.


The TREWHET family, fully formed, came to Alne no later than 1570.

Why Alne? Dunno.

Where did they come from? No idea. Outer space.

Despite months of bum-numbing research Mr. and Mrs. Trewhet are yet to be positively identified. They seem to the only TREWHET’s in Yorkshire. So far, search engines bring up just one couple before 1550. There is no history. They just arrive.

They certainly tried their hardest to be noticed, breeding with enthusiasm as fast as they could. I wish I could find out where. Somewhere not too far away, between 1550 and 1565, they churned out children; one every eighteen months for years. We know of  THOMAS * JOANA * GIULIELMUS * MARGRETA and ANNA so far. Between 1572 and 1585 the kids all married, giving us a paper trail that leads part-way into their difficult, confusing tribe.

Thomas Trewhet married Johana Watson 22 Nov 1572 Alne

Jacobus Easterbie married Joana Trewhet 25 Oct 1579 Alne

Guilielmus Trewhet married Elizabeth Scriviner 22 Nov 1579 Alne

Richardus Serian married Margreta Trewhet 06 Apr 1580 Alne

Robertus Yaro married Anna Trewhet 29 Jan 1586 in Bedale

Oddly, none of their spouses appear to be local.

We can infer from the marriage dates that Thomas, likely born around 1550, was the eldest son and may well have shared a first name with his father. Anna was probably the youngest by some fifteen years and Joana, Guilielmus and Margreta likely came in a rush in-between – that’s about it. Slim pickins.

So, we have five breeding families – but only two we can track with the NAME; Thomas and Giulielmus. In some parishes the names William and Giulielmus are interchangeable – as, I assume, right here.


There is a whole other Trewett world happening up north in EAST ROUNTON & BEDALE, beginning about this time. A Georgi up north – A Julius up North.

A quick trawl shows a lot of Trewett girls getting married and nothing much else. I’ve left them out of the mix – so far; the tyranny of distance.




Thomas Trewhet married Johana Watson 22 Nov 1572 Alne

The only Johanna I can find is Johanna Watson b 12 May 1559 to Willmj Watson of KIRK ELLA which would make her 13 at marriage. Mmmm. Maybe, maybe not. KIRK ELLA is 6 miles from HULL – 46 miles from KIPPAX – which is a long, long way in 1570.

I can find only one child: Franscus Trewhet born on 5th Sep 1574 ALNE Thomae Trewhet. This doesn’t mean they weren’t breeding but there’s an odd gap in the birth records between 1575 and 1590. Working back from weddings and duplicate names, we can assume that JOHN TREWIT, WILLIAM TREWHITE  and a possible THOMAS are born in this period. Their breeding life would have been from 1573 – 1590 ish.

and this rogue daughter: Mergerie Trewhet b 26 Jun 1610 to Thomas Trewhet of EASINGWOLD.

Either this is a son or our Thomas was spreading his seed from 1572 till 1610. Well, he could have married in his late teens and still been at it when he was in his fifties. Not out of the realms of possibility at all. The Triffitts have always been epic shaggers.



He marries in 1579: again, there’s a missing decade of children here. We can back-fill with weddings, as you’ll see – with the caveat that any of these could be Thomas’ kids. It would explain the two John’s and the two Williams


John Trewitt

Gulielmus Trewhite


William Trewett

 Janeta Trewhet 14 Feb 1590  Williami Trewhet ALNE

Crofors Trewhet 21 Sep 1596  Williami Trewhet ALNE

Roberte Truhet b 25 Jan 1601 Willm. Truhet EASINGWOLD

Agnes Trewhet 08 May 1603 Willm. Trewhet EASINGWOLD,

Elizabethe Trewhet 08 Oct 1605 Wllm. Trewhet EASINGWOLD



As you’ll soon see, at the three generation the tribe has expanded dramatically. Confusion lies ahead. I’ll give you what I have.


John Trewitt married Jane Thimble 15 Sep 1610 St. Savior’s, York


William Trewhite marriage: Janeta Barker 14 Sep 1614 —Alne,

[Jana Barker b 02 May 1594 Richardi Barker ALNE]


I’m not 100% sure about this guy

JAMES TREWHET marriage: Dorthie Frear 20 Sep 1614 Kilburn

Dorythe Fryre b 21 Aug 1575 William Fryre in MEXBROUGH

MEXBROUGH is 28 miles from KIPPAX

no sign of them in Kilburn after this


Gulielmus Trewhite marriage: Barbery Robinsonn 06 Jun 1615 —Alne

[Barbarea Robinson b 25 Mar 1575 Johanis Robinson ALNE]

Gulielmus Trewhit b 06 Apr 1616 Gulielmus Trewhit ALNE, C07378-3

no more kids in Alne


John Trewhett marriage: 03 Sep 1615 Easingwold, Ann Raper

[Anna Raper b 03 Aug 1596 Bedale, York, England to Georgii Raper

no kids recorded.

John Trewhet marriage: 18 Aug 1616 Easingwold, Margret Foster

Same man, I’d guess. I assume the first wife died… too many Margret Fosters around to locate her.

Margrett Trewhett born on 01 Jun 1617 John Trewhett EASINGWOLD


The Truwitt’s all seen to leave the district around 1618 taking their families – and their history – with them. There’s a clue here.


William Trewett marriage: 27 Apr 1624 —Easingwold, York, England Jane Story

is this the same William as above remarrying – or a new one?

James Trewhit 13 Mar 1625 Willm. Trewhit EASINGWOLD

Willm. Trewhet 30 Nov 1626 Willm. Trewhet EASINGWOLD,

Elizabeth Trewhett 12 Oct 1628 Willm. Trewhett EASINGWOLD

Adalyne Trewett b 23 Sep 1632 Wm. Trewett EASINGWOLD, P00753-1

Alice Trewhett 13 Apr 1634Wm. Trewhett EASINGWOLD


And here he is, third in the bunch of weddings above

Are they connected? Dunno. As there weren’t many Trewitts around, I’d say they probably were…

As I have no records, there’s still the possibility that this first recorded ANT came from another family entirely and found his way to Kippax from the south. If that’s the case, I can’t find them.


ALNE to KIPPAX is 30 miles.

Let’s go meet the happy couple.


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  1. Chris Triffitt / Sep 3 2011 10:26 pm


    Thanks for your amazing efforts over the last couple of months. You have, albeit with a few explicable gaps like those created by the English Civil War, suceeded in moving back the origins of our family over 200 years. This is a spectacular achievement by any standard. I will rise to your challenge to fill in some of the gaps but doubt if I will share your success. I’m very happy that my Dad’s Bramham thoughts led you to William’s birth (and parentage) and that my lucky find in Northallerton located Hannah’s family in Askham Bryan, but this in no way takes away from your sheer doggedness in delving down into what is available to us all on the www. Have a great time on your forthcoming trip to India and the Middle East – I will be following your progress.

    Thanks on behalf of Triffitts in at least three continents.

    Chris Triffitt

    • thedogster / Sep 4 2011 3:38 pm

      Thank you Chris – very kind words indeed.

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